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EunHae is REAL. lol
Written at Saturday, May 15, 2010 | back to top

or so I hope :)
what I used to hear was KiHae , but EunHae isn't bad either :p
Have you seen today's TT? It's EUNHAE!! WooHooo o^w^o

P.S. TT #Bonamana last for like 3 days! 
P.S.S. Where are you KiBum oppa? Eunhyuk is in the middle of his super evil plan to steal Donghae from you! *What the hell am I mumbling about -___-"??!!*

And I found this uber cute couple pic :)

credit : donghae861015@twitter.com
(Yup, Donghae himself who upload this pic XD he's so funny)

Ooohh..Eunhyuk oppa..just kiss him already!! ^^

P.S.S.S I'm in a serious brain error right now, I know. What to do, I havent finish my biology presentation yet!

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