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Quickie update and Nail Art video!!
88 matte, 88 ultra shimmer, 120 palette drooling @...
Nail Art UPDATE! Plaid Nail Art and MORE~
Summer Marine Beading Nail Design :)
2010, August 18
Black & Purple Stripy Nail Design
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Kinder Joy : an Egg with a SURPRISE! :)
Written at Saturday, May 29, 2010 | back to top

Who doesn't love surprise? that come with chocolate ball in milk cream!

So, my mom bought me this snack. It's new in my city.
I think they originally from Italy, but in mine it's written 'produced in South African' .
and they are really really yum!

that's the egg


I'm sorry for the blurry thingy :(


the spoon :)

Here's the surprise. a TOY!
Okay, it's kinda a kid toy, just give it to your lil' sibling




This is the BEST part!
inside the ball is hazelnut chocolate
and the crisp cover is kinda taste like Milo choco bar
and better, it dipped in the soft, smooth, milk chocolate cream :)

go buy some of 'em! x.o.

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EunHae is REAL. lol
Written at Saturday, May 15, 2010 | back to top

or so I hope :)
what I used to hear was KiHae , but EunHae isn't bad either :p
Have you seen today's TT? It's EUNHAE!! WooHooo o^w^o

P.S. TT #Bonamana last for like 3 days! 
P.S.S. Where are you KiBum oppa? Eunhyuk is in the middle of his super evil plan to steal Donghae from you! *What the hell am I mumbling about -___-"??!!*

And I found this uber cute couple pic :)

credit : donghae861015@twitter.com
(Yup, Donghae himself who upload this pic XD he's so funny)

Ooohh..Eunhyuk oppa..just kiss him already!! ^^

P.S.S.S I'm in a serious brain error right now, I know. What to do, I havent finish my biology presentation yet!

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Soshi hanbok Batch
Written at Wednesday, May 12, 2010 | back to top


I did stay up all night yesterday and I did want to blog, but my stupid internet connection just disconnect itself and I’m so not gonna fix it in the middle of the night. And guess what? I haven’t finished my biology presentation yet after struggling with it over hours (and now I’m blogging instead)!! Guess I’ll stay awake till morning again today..grrr! >:(

Btw, I want to show you my old ‘artwork’. I made it on April last year. Really old, huh?! Yea, it’s been like years since the last time I played photoshop. And all my already-limited-skills have lost..gee~

DISCLAIMER : I’m really really incredibly sorry that I can’t give a proper credit for the original pics, coz I got it from my friend. Also for the brushes, texture, and font ‘coz I have truckloads of ‘em and don’t remember who made it. But it’s all from deviantart.com and the font probably from dafont.com. And just tell me if you know the creator specifically, I’ll give a more proper credit :)











P.S. I wanted to give it the usual watermark I give for pics in this blog, but it make it doesn’t seem right and super weird, so I decided to just give it those ‘lie2cious.blogspot.com’ text :p
Hope u like it.xo.


♥ Bonamana ♥
Written at Tuesday, May 11, 2010 | back to top


Don’t judge me for blogging twice today (I mean, I was such a slob that I barely update this blog more than 4 times a month, which means once a week meh =.=”). I told ya’ that I have this HUGE urge to blog :).

This post will be super short and quick anyway ;)

It’s about SUPER JUNIOR! Their 4th album coming up and I’ve been drooling over it. What can I say? Cute guys and great songs are just my favorite things, and better, in one package :p. But really, I love their songs, like  Sorry, Sorry, It’s You, U etc etc. I like them all.

And the first single from the 4th JIB is Bonamana. The MV is not available yet, but the Teaser is. And sadly enough, there are no Kibum, no Hangeng, and no Kangin *sob sob sob*. Well, not really the point of this post. I just wanna say that #Bonamana has been the Trending Topic on Twitter for like 2 days!!

Aww..that’s just amazing, y’know. That’s the longest for K-poppers. EVER. Kudos!
Nuff’ said. I want to keep my promise that it’ll be super short and quick :).

P.S. I'm gonna stay up all night making biology presentation, so there might be more blogpost anytime soon..heheh..excuse for my randomness ;)
Nite nite.xo.

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nails time. AGAIN.
Written at Monday, May 10, 2010 | back to top

Since my internet sorta back on track (please underline the SORTA, 'cause after few hours it'll still disconnect =.="), I want to post! so badly. the urge is sooo big! and I have a week holiday (YAY ME!), so I'll blog a lot.

Here, here, I got my nails done a couple days ago :)
*It took me so freaking long time to make this*

then, I decorate the left hand!

the highlight of course the thumb! It's the first time I use whatever-the-name-is (it's something you attach on the back of your mobile phone to make it bling). I'm using transparent nail polish as glue, and surprised that it could be really sticky :)

I don't know why, but everytime I see my nails, all I think is cheerleader uniform =.="
especially the thumb. Maybe 'coz all the stripes and orange color? Just my random thought :p

Things I used :
-unbranded white silverish nail polish (I'm not sure the name of that color, it's like pearl) - I can't find the name of the brand, maybe BICHUN, it's written on the ingredient, but I'm not so sure either and I bought it so mad cheap. I think it was like 5000 rupiahs per bottle ($0.5 in US dollar)
-unbranded orange pearl nail polish - the same product as the white nail polish
-Oriflame nail tip guide
-silver glitter
-unbranded goldish nail polish from Naughty
-Pokari silver glitter nail polish
-toothpick!! (my super secret weapon)
-that blingy thingy (maybe it's something like rhinestone)

It seems I used a LOTS of things, but actually from silver glitter to down was just for decorating, so I used just lil' of 'em.


Quick snap shot!
Munching at night :)

Have an amazing day :) xo

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Written at Friday, May 7, 2010 | back to top

It's been decades since the manicure thingy..
the reason is I've been idrnetless for like this past 5 days. Not really internetless, actually. it just disconnect every 15 minutes or the best was half hour..=.="
You're doing such a GREAT job SPEEDY!!

So, here I am blogging with my mobilephone... (thanks for whoever you were, inventing 3G :) )

I'll blog properly as soon as my internet fixed. nitez! :)