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nails time. AGAIN.
Written at Monday, May 10, 2010 | back to top

Since my internet sorta back on track (please underline the SORTA, 'cause after few hours it'll still disconnect =.="), I want to post! so badly. the urge is sooo big! and I have a week holiday (YAY ME!), so I'll blog a lot.

Here, here, I got my nails done a couple days ago :)
*It took me so freaking long time to make this*

then, I decorate the left hand!

the highlight of course the thumb! It's the first time I use whatever-the-name-is (it's something you attach on the back of your mobile phone to make it bling). I'm using transparent nail polish as glue, and surprised that it could be really sticky :)

I don't know why, but everytime I see my nails, all I think is cheerleader uniform =.="
especially the thumb. Maybe 'coz all the stripes and orange color? Just my random thought :p

Things I used :
-unbranded white silverish nail polish (I'm not sure the name of that color, it's like pearl) - I can't find the name of the brand, maybe BICHUN, it's written on the ingredient, but I'm not so sure either and I bought it so mad cheap. I think it was like 5000 rupiahs per bottle ($0.5 in US dollar)
-unbranded orange pearl nail polish - the same product as the white nail polish
-Oriflame nail tip guide
-silver glitter
-unbranded goldish nail polish from Naughty
-Pokari silver glitter nail polish
-toothpick!! (my super secret weapon)
-that blingy thingy (maybe it's something like rhinestone)

It seems I used a LOTS of things, but actually from silver glitter to down was just for decorating, so I used just lil' of 'em.


Quick snap shot!
Munching at night :)

Have an amazing day :) xo

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