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Written at Tuesday, May 11, 2010 | back to top


Don’t judge me for blogging twice today (I mean, I was such a slob that I barely update this blog more than 4 times a month, which means once a week meh =.=”). I told ya’ that I have this HUGE urge to blog :).

This post will be super short and quick anyway ;)

It’s about SUPER JUNIOR! Their 4th album coming up and I’ve been drooling over it. What can I say? Cute guys and great songs are just my favorite things, and better, in one package :p. But really, I love their songs, like  Sorry, Sorry, It’s You, U etc etc. I like them all.

And the first single from the 4th JIB is Bonamana. The MV is not available yet, but the Teaser is. And sadly enough, there are no Kibum, no Hangeng, and no Kangin *sob sob sob*. Well, not really the point of this post. I just wanna say that #Bonamana has been the Trending Topic on Twitter for like 2 days!!

Aww..that’s just amazing, y’know. That’s the longest for K-poppers. EVER. Kudos!
Nuff’ said. I want to keep my promise that it’ll be super short and quick :).

P.S. I'm gonna stay up all night making biology presentation, so there might be more blogpost anytime soon..heheh..excuse for my randomness ;)
Nite nite.xo.

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