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Quickie update and Nail Art video!!
88 matte, 88 ultra shimmer, 120 palette drooling @...
Nail Art UPDATE! Plaid Nail Art and MORE~
Summer Marine Beading Nail Design :)
2010, August 18
Black & Purple Stripy Nail Design
MORE nail tutorial

Random post
Written at Thursday, December 10, 2009 | back to top

Mmhh.. I named this random post because I want to talk about a LOT of things here...
And they're not really related to each other xp..
And I'm too lazy to separate  into posts, plus I think it will be a ton of posts in my blog today if I separate them
Ow,yaa... this gonna be a looong post that contain bunch of photos.., but each topic is short..

-----~*~Stupid Mac n Cheese~*~-----

I've been craving for Mac n Cheese nowadays. And It's kinda hard to find this kind of food in Indonesia..
=.=" ...
I want ravioli, macaroon too, but they also as hard to find as the damn Mac n Cheese.. ><
So, I tried this instant macaroni and cheese I found in supermarket, I think the brand is La Fonte *forgot*

It was supposed to be good. WAS. But, however I ruin it -.-"
Well, I supposed to boil the macaroni with ingredient, but because I didn't have any idea which one is the ingredient (There were no name on the seasoning bag *there were like 4 seasoning bag*) So, I pick the green one, cause the other three ingredient in a plastic and this green seasoning bag separated to others.

After I boiled the macaroni and the seasoning, which looked like milk powder (I didn't realize at the time), I pour other ingredient like oil, cheese powder, etc. When I opened the last seeasoning bag, I shocked. the last one was filled with dry ingredient, which you should boiled first if wanna eat it.So, I assumed when the direction said 'boil the macaroni and ingredient together', what it means by 'ingredient' was the 'dry ingredient'..
GEEZ~~ ><

So, it tasted sooo cheesy, because the milk already gone with the water while I was boiling the macaroni
Hyaaa... T.T *sob..sob*

Here's the damn stupid macaroni.. I'm blaming the indistinct directionn.. Boooo~!!
My precious mac n cheese... TT.TT *sit at the corner of room and pitying myself while weeping*


Three days ago I came home early from school 'coz the last teacher couldn't teach (Or he was just too lazy to teach, cause yesterday he didn't come again =.=")..
My mom gave me nail tip that day *jumping around XD*
So, I used it immediately..hehe..
And I LOVE the result ♥♥♥ *Hyaa...dancing around my room ^^*


Hyaaa...loveee it cooo muchh >.<  *blush*, have no idea why I wrote 'blush'

---------~*~New Chat Box~*~----------

I've added new chat box on right side of my blog,,,^^
So pleased about it...


My father's friend open this new coffee shop and resto, So yesterday I went there to have a taste :9

Beverage we ordered ;)

(from left to right) Cholachino, Banana Smoothie, and Caramel moccacino

I didn't taste the caramel moccacino, It was my father's and seemed too bitter for me -.-"
Mine were banana smoothies..and I swear~! It was damn good ;9
The chocolacino quite good. I like it ^^
My little brother ordered mineral water, and my little *?* cousin ordered Ice tea, so no need to take picture of them..heheh

My order, Italian Pizza and Beef & Cheese salad ^^

Italian Pizza~~ It was darn good amazing  :)
Beef & Cheese salad
There should be BEEF and CHEESE, right?!
Well, as you see it's all red bean, corn, and peas..
the beef and cheese only one spoon, you barely can see it
gee~ >:(
Under the red bean, corn, and peas were ALL cabbages!!
The dressing yummy though

My father ordered Lecker chicken wings and Tom Yum, but I forgot to take a picture of the chicken wings :(

Tom Yum, I didn't take a sip though.. I don't like sour taste and hot taste mixed xp

My little brother order this AWESOME sandwich *forgot the name*

I know it just looked like an ordinary sandwich, but the mayo inside it was INCREDIBLE
The taste different from ordinary mayo.. really good :)
Just writing about this already makes me want to eat it so badly..

My little cousin ordered Spaghetti Bolognese, but once again, I forgot to take a picture of it... :(
geez.. ><

Overall, I like this coffeeshop~ RECOMMENDED!! hehe

I think this is the end of this random post. If I think of something again and seems to be random, I'll edit this post :)

I remembered what I wanted to post :)

----~*~Dunkin' Donuts~*~----

Yesterday I have course after school, so I can't have lunch, I decided to stop by at Dunkin' Donuts :)

croissant sandwich sunny egg :)

The donuts itself :9
and no, it's not all mine..hehe

My ice chocolate.. :)


So, I'm a committee at this school's event named PSTW... I don't want to talk about the event here, it's basically like science competition and graphic design competition.. As part of the committee, I have to come to the  event itself, right? But, really, I'm not regretting it (even it was really hard to open my eyes to come to school at 5.30 am), 'coz I found this amazing cupcakes..hehe *It always turned out to the foodism*

It was the BEST cupcakes I've ever tasted...
It cost me 2500 rupiahs each
(it's about US $0.25 and SG $0.36)
Insanely cheap, eh?
Well, not really that cheap if you live in Indonesia
I mean, 2500 for just a mini cupcakes that will gone in one bite xp

choco chesee cookies and cinnamon cookies :9
it taste great ^^
It cost me 5000 rupiahs each

In front of my school..
I just like that yellowish thingy that spread all over.. :)
And it was after rain, so the ground a bit wet
But I like the smell of after-rain..heheh..


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Britney in 2010 Guinness Book of World Record! and other chart
Written at | back to top

Dah lama nggak ngepost tentang BritBrit :)
Tadi, as my daily activity, gw buka bsb.com buat baca news seminggu ini..
Soalnya dari kmren udah buka tp blom baca, males gitulahh..heheheh~ ;p
Dan barusan ini trackback dari tanggal 5,, dan nemu klo Brit masuk guinness book of record..
HA~!! *seneng smpe nari2 + loncat2 sndiri..lol -.-*
Jahh, kepanjangen intronya.. langsung aja ya..cekidot ^^


Youngest Female to have 5 #1 studio albums in the USA!

In December 2008 Circus topped the album chart, making Britney Spears (USA) the youngest female in history to have five of her albums reach No.1 before she turned 20years old on December 2, 2001. Spears has sold a unprecedented 37 million records around the world making her the all time best selling teenage artist.
Kudos for Brit!! BRAVOO~ *pesta 3 hari 3 mlem..(apaan coba?><")*
Want to make it clear one more time..
the all time best selling teenage artist
 the youngest female in history to have five of her albums reach No.1 
*filled with tears.heheh..*
Now, you know how much I love this chick! ^^

Source: Guinness Book Of World Records
Scan Source: Spiceboy1 @ Exhale

Credit: Britneyspearsblackout.com

Actually, it would be even better if she got her Blackout album #1 Album, then she will have ALL her album on #1, okayy... How insane is that to have all of your album #1?!
Geez.. I hope we can make her Blackout back on chart and hit #1.. TT.TT
Heyy, there's no such impossible thing okay..
Britney  made the biggest jump on billboard chart with her 'Womanizer', I mean, from debut at #99, she jumped to #1... 
So, don't say it impossible to make her Blackout album back on chart
If that not enuff'
Her newest single '3', written by Max Martin (Swedish composer who previously have worked  with her in several hit songs), is her 3rd #1 single on Billboard. The song length 3.33 .. that's three number 3..  
Haha, I think I'm done mumbling about Brit :) for now.


After I continued to read, I got THIS!

Britney’s “Toxic & Blackout Album ranked High On List Of Rolling Stones The Decade-End Readers’ Poll of Best Albums, Songs And artists of the 2000s

Top Songs of the Decade
# 4 Toxic
Top Albums of the Decade
# 7 Britney Spears Blackout
Source: RollingStone.com
Credit: Britneyspearsblackout.com

*continue reading*

Britney #1 Popeater.com’s Top Pop Artists of the decade

You can’t deny it, Britney has dominated the decade. Her music endures on MTV and radio and her often erratic and always interesting personal life has made for endless tabloid fodder. Her musical output between 2000-2008 was astounding. She dropped a huge ‘Oops!’ at the dawn of the decade and followed that with ‘Britney’ a year later. In 2003, she delivered what we think is one of the best pop songs of the decade, ‘Toxic’ (complete with an insanely sexy music video). Two more albums followed, with the latest dropping last year. True, it’s impossible to ignore her personal woes (marriages, divorces, drinking, weird boyfriends, shaved heads, rehab …), but in the end this was all about a former Mouseketeer developing into the world’s biggest star.

The list :
1. Britney Spears
2. Beyoncé
3. Justin Timberlake
4. Green Day
5. Gwen Stefani
6. Coldplay
7. Jay Z
8. Pink
9. Amy Winehouse
10. Black Eyed Peas

Source: popeater.com / Brad Adamson @ Exhale
Credit: Britneyspearsblackout.com

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Line Art
Written at Tuesday, December 8, 2009 | back to top

I made this about.. 7 or 8 months ago. a really long time ago, I know.
I made this to study how to use pen tool ;p

The first sketch, I scanned it :)
It's just a rough sketch, I drew it for like 3 to 7 minutes :p

This is after I made the outer line using pen tool
I know it's still rough and the pressure line (I don't know the right phrase, but it's the thickness and thinness of the line) still doesn't look good, this my first try using pen tool anyway, and I didn't know that there is such thingy to make outline easier named tablet at the time.. =.="

This is after I colored it. Using brush tool (beuuhh..=.=", really standard, btw, photoshop is the only image editor software I know how to use, I don't know how to use Corel or Illustrator..lol)

Fiuuhh...still amateur,, >.<"

I made it approx. 4 hours, I think. forgot about it.
But it DID take a loooonngg time..geezz

But, to think that I never get any photoshop lesson or something like that (I just try it and messing around with all tools xp, and use some tutorial from deviantart), I 'm quite proud of myself.. ;p.. Doesn't mean to brag, I just, you know, happy with the resullt..

Oh, yeahh, maybe for the last few days I'll be adding a LOT of my artwork, 'cos I have a BUNCH of them that waiting their time to be showed *=.="..wth?!*, but they're probably my old work, a year or months ago, 'cos I haven't touched photoshop for like 4 or 5 months.. -.- ,, gee~~ a pretty long time..I haven't draw anything for like months~!! *dying*

I used to use photoshop and editing around for like twice a month or three times a month (I know it's not much, but at least it's frequently, but now? I barely open it, maybe sometimes I open it just to retouch and edit some photos a little (lightning, contras,etc), but that doesn't count)

Okay, this post seemed to transform into a chatter post, just end this post now :)

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Bragging too much
Written at | back to top

I feel like I've been bragging too much nowadays..-.-"
gee...I hate bragging!
And all I know, I'm not used to brag. But, these last few days I think I did brag. too much.
Mmmhh,, I just can't control it. Those fuckin' brag word just slip out of my tounge..
grrrr  >:( ....
Feels like I'm making myself 'self-centered' in every conversation *droll*
Think because I've been rarely bragging before? nopeee... I brag. a little. When I need to, but not like this~!! HATE it sooo muchh...
STOP bragging pleasee!! ...=.="...

This just a short post, since I'm already tired myself and going to sleep..
I can't even use words properly here..gee...
Will find time to sit and blogging properly soon ...>.<"


Bipolar Disorder
Written at Monday, December 7, 2009 | back to top

okay, I wanna talk about bipolar disorder this time..

first, here's some people that have bipolar disorder..

1. Sir Isaac Newton (1642 - 1727)

Tau, kan? yang terkenal dengan teori gravitasinya ituu..Dengan begitu banyaknya kontribusi di bidang fisika dan mekanika, Sir Isaac Newton terkenal sebagai pemikir ulung. Memang, dari berbagai jajak pendapat mengenai kedua (dan Einstein), ditunjukkan bahwa publik sepakat kalau Newton bahkan melebihi Einstein dalam hal pengaruh [sumber: The Royal Society]

Menurut ensiklopedia Britannica Newton mengalami psychotic tendencies dan mood swings. Selain itu, berbagai surat yang dibuatnya menyimpulkan bahwa secara teoritis ia menderita skizofrenia [sumber: Glover]. Ayah Newton meninggal sebelum ia lahir, dan ia dipisahkan dari ibunya antara usia dua dan 11.Gangguan mental yang dialaminya mungkin akibat dari trauma yang berkepanjangan akibat masa kecilnya [sumber: Encyclopedia Britannica].

Read More >


Start all Over Again :)
Written at Sunday, December 6, 2009 | back to top

It's been a little while since the last time I posted thing in this blog..
I think the last post is about... HJSplit tutorial? well, I'm too busy to post things to my wordpress blog nowadays.. it's for IT's assignment. My teacher asked us to make a blog in wordpress. HAVE to be in wordpress~!! *sigh..* So, that's way my blogger blog abandoned ='(

Yesterday, I've submitted that assignment, so now I'm free to post here *sob..sob..*
But, I don't want to del my acc. at Wordpress. I've put so much effort in that blog, and there're already many comments in there. So, I decided to run these both blog *hip hip horrayy :))*
I'll post some of my posts at wordpress here later.. ^^
So, the content in both wordpress and blogger probably the same xp...

In this post I just wanna say 'Let's start everything all over againn.. Forget about older posts I've posted here *There're just like only 4 posts in here anyway*... *dun 4get the Britney '3' though, it took me pretty long time to upload it -.-"* '..

Welcome to my Brand New Blog ;p

P.S. I write this in the middle of chemustry class with my friend's laptop.. XD XD..lol