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Quickie update and Nail Art video!!
88 matte, 88 ultra shimmer, 120 palette drooling @...
Nail Art UPDATE! Plaid Nail Art and MORE~
Summer Marine Beading Nail Design :)
2010, August 18
Black & Purple Stripy Nail Design
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HJSplit 'Joining' Tutorial
Written at Tuesday, November 24, 2009 | back to top

Long time no post here..
well, I got busy with my other blog @wordpress.. I made that one for school project...
long story..gotta tell ya in next post probably..
okayy, I just wanna post tutorial how to join Split file that I promised before...

It's in Indonesia, so I'll just translate it here,,
1) Double click HJSplit.exe
2)Click 'Join' to joining Split Files (Files which are split before using HJSplit)
3)Click 'Input File' (put all split files in one folder)
4)Choose only the first split file (.001), the second, third, fourth,etc split file will be automatically searched by the program
5)Click 'open'
6)Click 'start'

Done ^^


HJ Split
Written at Friday, November 13, 2009 | back to top

Here's HJ Split to join everything here that I split into many parts ^^


I'll post the tutorial in case you got confuse later :)


Britney's Official Music Video '3'
Written at | back to top

<--- capshoot

I thought maybe you want to download it in HQ version..and I know it's a little too late, it's premiere was about 1 or 2 weeks ago, but maybe you haven't got it yet...
I separate it  into 9 parts,because my internet connection is kinda suck..so it'll take years if I upload all 86MB without split it. actually, I split it into 5 parts, but then I got trouble in uploading it, so I split it into 9 parts..
Join it with HJ Split ^^

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9


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Written at Monday, November 2, 2009 | back to top


this posting is just for my introduction ^^
I'm kind of new to this blogging thing, 
I've made one before,but I never posting something in it

Firstthe name of my blog..
pretty stupid right?!Oh Come on, 'Hahaha'?! That is the dumbest blog name I've ever seen =.="
I just can't figure out a better name..lol..and I haven't posting stuffs yet, so I can't make a suit name yet :p
Maybe I’ll change it if I already have a better idea for it, or maybe not ^^

2nd, language

About language I’ll use in posts…
  • English,the most common language..I'm not really good at it, so maybe I make some            mistake in my grammar, vocab, etc..or sometimes u don't understand what I mean to say..lol
  • Indonesian,my country's language..I'm really fluent at this language *dang @.@*, so I will make no mistake if I use this language
~~Probably just those two languages since that the only languages I'm pretty fluent at~~

3rd,content of this blog 
Well, I read some articles about what you have to do to make a blog, and there were
'pick the theme of your blog', it's what are you gonna talk about in your blog, like daily activity, songs review,etc...
But, I can't decide which theme would be best, so this blog don't have any particular theme..
but mostly about these kind of stuffs :
  • My Life, well, not really often. I don't think it's really interesting. But I'll write some of 'em for sure
  • Entertainment, maybe mostly about it. It's about movies, songs, singer,anything relate to entertainment. Singer mostly about Britney Spears because I really really love her. And other songs or movies that I love. I'll write the review of them. well, you can't say it as a review, since I'll just write what I think about it. just self-opinion.
  • Other Stuffs, maybe foods, tourism object, news, or anything.
Just that. I think. Who knows...
And the MOST important thing. Every stuffs that I put on this blog not all mine. I'll use many kind of resources and I'll credit 'em. And I'm really sorry if I put your stuffs here, but you don't want it too. Just tell me..I'll remove 'em asap.
I think that's all my introduction for my new blog.
kinda long...and I think I made it looks like this blog thing is the 'formal' one...
well,it's not...I'm not good at word...