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Quickie update and Nail Art video!!
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Nail Art UPDATE! Plaid Nail Art and MORE~
Summer Marine Beading Nail Design :)
2010, August 18
Black & Purple Stripy Nail Design
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My Bunny Gave Birth o^w^o~!!
Written at Thursday, January 21, 2010 | back to top

This just an instant update..
Hmm..I haven't tell you that I have bunny.. I have 4..5 if the baby count :)
And believe it or not, I haven't give name to ALL of them. really. it's been a half year..
At the beginning when I bought it, me and my brother arguing about what the name should be...
But...it wasn't come to an end, so we just forgot to give them name.. poor bunny :( ..lol
they're 2 male and 2 female...
I'll post their photos next time... It's the white bunny that gave birth last night..
And guess what?! I didn't even realize that the bunny was pregnant!! No.. not even a single clue..lol

sorry for the lame quality
isn't she cute??
And if you wonder where's the baby bunny is...
It's that little black thingy on the right corner
Yeah, I have no idea why the fur is black..
The Mom's is white.. and Dad's is brown~~@.@"
And I don't think if you blend white and brown it will give you black
This is the first time she gave birth, so there's only one baby.. I'm looking forward to the next baby ^^

By the way.. me and my brother think that it will be cruel for the bunnies to not have a name, so we decided to search for the name... this one (the Mom) is Creamy

Do you have any idea for other bunnies names?4 left.. this new born baby, the Dad, the black one, and the black and white one..any suggestion? I'm thinking cupcakes or pancakes and maybe buttercups, but isn't that would be all food?? =.="

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Glasses it Up =)
Written at Friday, January 8, 2010 | back to top

Just a quick update..heheh..
today I got my glasses..yea..yea...this my first time using glasses with minus..
well,there is contact lens and my mom allow me to buy it, but... to put such thingy in your eyes, isn't that a lil' bit cruel?? Okay, I'm afraid.. it looks like you're pinching your own retina..uukh ><"
Call me whimp~ T.T...
Btw, this all glasses thingy kinda bother me plus, the first time I wear it, it makes me a bit dizzy
@.@"~~phiuw phiuw
On the bright side, I do look like a diligent kid..hoho...and nerd...I love reading book anyway..
gee~~hope I get used to this thingy...will only use it when I'm reading and study..
and playing laptop (which means almost every minute of my day =.=")...
No laugh. Really.. -.-"

Anyway, I never do any camwhoring in this blog, right?! Well, I will this time hehe ^^

Haha..there =)
Uhmm.. about my trip last december..maybe I'll post it next week, depends on my mood XD XD..

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Warmer Greeting (I ♥ Christmas Season)
Written at Tuesday, January 5, 2010 | back to top

Yea..yea..I know this blog has been FULL of dust and maybe spiders meh... =.="
Well, the reason is I've been really busy lazy to type and post and edit pics I want to put in..hehe
I've been planning to post something for like a week ago, but yeahh.. I'd rather slumbering on my bed. lol~

Eerrm,, first of all...

I know... the greeting is.. lame. Well, I WAS planning to make something special, but there were always something that bothering me.. =.="

Did I tell you that I just gaining another year to my age? well, yes I am. last December. on 27th.. hehe ^^

And... I WAS also planning to post about my trip to Bali each day when I was there, but, once again, too lazy to type.. hoho. Okay, I have an excuse for this one. The internet connection was so lame and suck, it disconnect every 5 minutes. THAT's the excuse..haha (feeling unburdened..)
I'll post about this trip another time soon...

I WAS also planning to tell you how much I love Christmas season... you know, the atmosphere, the tree, etc...and yea..yea I couldn't find time to sit and blog about that. So, I'll just tell you now how much I love it.
There. I already tell you.. -.-"

I WAS planning a lot of things about this blog for like 2 weeks, but.. it just ended as a plan. never come true..

Eeeerrmm... I'm back.. I left this post for 3 hours to cook with mom, brothers, and cousins...
Just when sat back and ready to finish this post, I forgot what I wanted to post..geez >:(~~~
It's all poof out.. -.-"..
Now, that I forgot what I want to post at the beginning *sweat @.@*, I'll post the photos that I took while cooked before...hehe
I'll use spoiler now, to reduce the heavy load ^^

yumz ;9
Chicken topped prawn with English Sauce

I don't know what exactly the name is. It's chicken topped with prawn and covered with flour something (forget the name) and bread flour. The sauce made from english sauce and other ingredients....
Taste worderful ^^

Prawn with Mayonnaise

Just a basic fried prawn covered with flour...
The mayonnaise is a ready mayo from supermarket but my mom add milk in it..yummy :)

Well, it's not really like a pancake either hotcake, cause the texture more like 'serabi', but it taste like pancake..


hehe...cute, isn't it? I know it rather plain, cause whipped cream is the only garnish we have..hehe..
Well, we have strawberry, but we'll make sorbet with that...

My Older Brother's

It was supposed to be yin yang... he ruined it..haha XD

My Lil' Cousin's

Okay, she's only 6 years old... think it's fine if the nose looks like pig..hehe

Strawberry Sorbet
My mom said it was ice cream, but I think it's more like sorbert...isn't it?

the first one looks like rose~~

put whipped cream on it ;9

Sponge Pudding
I don't know if there's such name...sponge pudding.. but the texture is like sponge, so I just called it that...
It's pudding using white egg (meringue) ^^

making meringue ^^

base sponge pudding

decorate it with strawberry and lychee
after that we need to pour agar-agar on it..
don't take a picture of it :(
They're in the freezer now... I'll edit this topic when it's done and freeze :)

looks yummy... =)
Well, it is delicious ^^

And yes, we made it at one time..that's why it took pretty long time :)
Gee~I think this blog just tun into culinary blog..heheh -.-"

Enough here... C u soon ^^

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