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French Manicure : advance =)
Written at Thursday, April 22, 2010 | back to top

Hi, ya'll..!!
pretty long time since the last post, eh? sooo super lazy busy. and I just got home from Gor UNY to watch DBL (kinda basketball game) and support my school. Sooo mad tired, but it was fun =)
I said I'd post bout LDMI thingy, right? But since I don't get the pics yet, so, instead of posting about it, I want to post about my new nail art. Yup, I'm a big fan of 'em. It's just so much fun coloring your nails ^^

Why I call it advance because usually I just made a basic french manicure (you know, white on the upper tip and glossy top coat) or sometimes sparkle silver as top coat, but I did sumthin' different now (just use a different color). I like it anyway..
Come, come, see the pic!! 
P.S Sorry for the super lame quality. Lemme tell ya, HTC Touch Pro II has a pretty suck camera :p 

I made this one like 2 weeks ago.
This was the second time I did french manicure to both of my hand, usually I just did to the left hand and then get bored...hehe
And this was like the first time it last till more than a week, usually I just scrub it off my nail after 2 days

These are what I used to make this super weird kyutoo french manicure:
Oriflame Beauty Nail Hardener as base coat and top coat (and I think it's kinda soften and blend the purple and white color)
Oriflame Nail Polish 'Lilac Dream' as base purplish color
Oriflame French Manicure as the white tip
Oriflame Nail Polish Correction Pen (or usually I just use cotton bud) to clean nail polish at parts like cuticle
Aceton. a LOT. I'm still amateur and made bunch of mistakes 

And cause I started to get bored with the french manicure thingy, I made this new variation last tuesday =)

pretty cute right? please just say it's cute (puppy dog eyes)
the color in real life is more light and more peach
and it was mad easy to make this. trust me! a lot easier than the purple one
and this one is more awesome than that one!

Oriflame Nail Tip Guide to make the slanting part (I'm just not that smart to make that part without any help. Or usually I use paper that I cut as nail tip guide)
Oriflame base coat as base coat
Oriflame Nail Color Expert 'Clover Haze' as that peach color
Pokari Nail Polish 'Silver Glitter' from Strawberry as the sparkly line
Toothpick to apply the silver glitter nail polish
Oriflame Nail Polish Correction Pen
Rhissanty Nail Polish Remover

I made a quite long information, heh? o>
Well, as you see I use a lot of Oriflame product. It's because my mom often buy from them, so I buy some too when my mom buy some.
P.S. I bought all of them on SALE!! I just can't afford it if it weren't..hehe.. They always have some stuffs on sale every month, so I bought what I'm craving for when they're on sale. It becomes pretty cheap than the price before =)
And they have cool nail art thingys! (Why I feel like I'm promoting for Oriflame?meh.. =.=" ... I should get paid for this lol

And look what I found yesterday!!

Yuppss!! It's Tamagochi! I lost it like 3 years ago. Ooh, I miss this thing soo much. And it still works! It's soo damn aegyo, isn't it? It's really mini in real life (if u don't know tamagochi)...aaahh, such an really old game...

Cheers. c u next time.xo =]

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a Starbucks for 3 =)
Written at Wednesday, April 14, 2010 | back to top

I broke my promise. I couldn't post 3 days in a row :'(
Anyway, jadi kemaren tu nggak sempet posting gara-gara dari sekolah ada semacam studi ilmiah ke daerah Bobung, Gunung Kidul selama 2 hari semalam gitu.
and It was SOOOO much FUN!!
Besok aku post, deh..haha.. di sana itu pusat topeng batik.  Pokoknya nggak rugi aku ikut studi ilmiahnya... =) [padahal waktu barangkat udah muring-muring gitu, soalnya harusnya libur gara-gara kelas 12 UAS, sudah mengeluarkan segala sumpah serampah]

Aku mau ngelanjutin postingan kemaren..hehe..

Jadi abis nonton Clash of the Titans tu aku sama temen-temen langsung dari XXI ke amplaz. Yang satu naek motor sendiri, aku sama 2 temenku naek taksi urunan. Mana waktu nyampe amplaz kan totalnya 10325, temenku, Sasha, heboh sendiri gak punya 300an, teriak-teriak gitu di dalem taksi =.=". Akhirnya si sopir taksi mengikhlaskan 300 rupiahnya. (Sumpah. baek banget ni sopir taksi, biasanya kalo uangnya kurang kayak begini, sopir taksi bakal 'mbuletin' jadi 11ribu -mbuletin kok jaoh amat-, temenku malah pernah mbayar kurang 500 dan dia nggak punya 500an, adanya 5000an, si sopir taksi juga nggak punya kembalian, tapi juga nggak mau ngikhlasin tu 500 rupiah. Akhernya daripada ribut teruz, temenku kasih tu 5000 rupiah..gee~ sopir taksi maruk!!)

Yah, di sana kita makan ama jalan-jalan biasa, abis itu Sasha pulang duluan. Nah, sekarang tinggal bertiga, aku, Audi, sama Alvi. Waktu itu udah jalan tak tentu arah gitu. Akhirnya aku nyaranin buat ke Starbucks aja buat duduk-duduk sambil ngobrol.
Tapi dasar masih anak sekolah, mana mau beli Starbucks yang harganya segelas sama kayak uang sakuku setengah bulan..=.="..zzz
Kita sepakat buat beli segelas urunan bertiga (yang penting bisa numpang duduk ;p), terus beli Chocolate Chip Cream size grande. Itu udah urunan aja jadinya 14ribuan per-orang (bisa dapet es teh 14 gelas kalo di kantin..hikzhikzhizk T.T).
Nah, karena di dalam penuh, maunya duduk-duduk di luar (yang smoking area), tapi gara-gara tempatnya bener-bener bau asap rokok, kita masuk lagi (sumpah, malu banget keluar-masuk keluar-masuk gitu). Udah gitu di dalem kita dapetnya tempat duduk yang deket pintu masuk sama dinding kaca...T.T...siap-siap jadi tontonan =.="
Sempet diketawain pula sama meja sebelah... segelas bertiga gitu, sedotannya ada 3 juga lagi. Terus kalo ada orang keluar atau masuk kadang-kadang ngliatin pake muka aneh gitu, pengen tak siram pake Chocolate Chip Cream e rasane..grrr >:(  (tapi langsung inget 42 gelas es teh yang bakalan terbuang sia-sia).
After all the embarrassment -muka juga udah jadi tebel-, we were camwhoring :)

Segelas Starbucks buat alasan numpang duduk ;)
We're smart, we know that. lol

Yup, we really drank it that way

And there we were, camwhoring at the restroom.
Another embarrassment segment. 
Some girls and a woman caught us camwhoring. damn!

Nites.xo. =]

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Clash of the Titans
Written at Monday, April 12, 2010 | back to top

Yay, I just fulfilled my promise to blog regularly, at least it's 2 days in a row now ;p

By the title ya'll must be already know what will I talk about. Yes, it's the new movie, Clash of the Titans (at least it's new in Indonesia). I just watched it today with my BFFs. There were 4 of us. It supposed to be 10, but the others just couldn't make it, it was still fun anyway...

It's okay.. I wont give u any spoilers if u haven't seen it yet ;)
Since in the process of making this post I started to blab about the story, I'll just use the spoiler thingy in spoiler parts..hehe

Watch out!truckload of spoiler including ending

The story was about this person, Perseus(a demigod), son of Zeus was saving Argos. Basically, this movie wasn't that WOW...and I don't really like the ending where Perseus killed Hades in oh so easy way..=.=" He's just lifted up his sword, Zeus gave him the lighting thingy and Perseus throw his sword to Hades, and Hades was sent back to the underworld/Tartarus. DONE.
The hard part was to find Medusa and killed her to take her head to kill Kraken (Which gonna ended the life of Argos). After that, it was just sooo easy...=.="
I'm thinking that the action part of this film too little..
And I told you before that I don't like a movie which include tearing or cutting parts of ur body, right?
Well, this movie has scenes kinda like that..
and when Hades turned the skin of Cassiopeia (Queen of Argos) into..I don't know what is the right phrase but it was surely disgust me out >o<~~I closed my eyes.
The official theatrical poster is Perseus with Kraken, but infact, from the whole movie, Kraken just showed in few last minutes and it was killed so fast with medusa's head...
But, after all it was a good movie though ^^
And the effects thingy was just amazing =)

What make me like this movie more is b'coz Ralph Fiennes, Sam Wothington, Gemma Arterton, Nicholas Hoult, and Alexa Davalos.
I love Gemma Arterton the most. I was blabbing about her everytime time she showed up. And it was like almost the whole movie =.="
I like Ralph Fiennes since he played in The Reader (and I didn't know that he's the one who played Voldemort, 'coz the only HP movie I've watch is the half-blood prince and I havent read any of HP novel)
Be sure to catch this movie ;)

And I want to post about other things but I think I just delay it for tomorrow. I already tired and sleepy.

Oh, and one thing. Have u guys seen the trending topic today @twitter?

I just find it ironically hilarious.. XD XD
and I'm not taking side, coz I haven't heard even one of his songs. I just can say that he's a cute tween =)
So, which team r u?

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I'm officially Back!
Written at Sunday, April 11, 2010 | back to top

Yup, you may find my blog has had been 'under reconstruction' for like 2 months.
And be honest, the real 'under reconstruction' just happened today...
So I just took 2 Months hiatus and did nothing for this blog..I know, I'm such slob/slacker..
In the beginning I thought about making my own blogskin cause I can't find any blogskin that perfect for me, but once again I'm too lazy that I just made the background thingy and stop.
So, I search the whole blogskin, and I found this one I use now. And it took me hours to edit truckload of things to make thi blog just like what I wanted. And...


I LOVE this blogskin soooo much!! Thanks much to Cynna@blogskin.. you're such an angel =)

And from now, I'll try as hard as I can to post regularly(I hope)..it's just a bit irritating to see that I have no blogpost..haha
I want to post BUNCHES of story anyway..want to blab it all away ;p

Once again, thank you soooo muuuch Cynna!! You rock, girl!
P.S. @Cynna I'm an E.L.F too hehe =)

c u till next post ^^. xo