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Written at Tuesday, August 17, 2010 | back to top

Just a quick update to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my beloved country, INDONESIA.

anyway, lookie the google sign today.. :)

Yups, RED and WHITE !! Soo Indonesianism (is that even a word? =.=), google Indonesian flag if u don't get what I'm saying..and.. I think that's a Balinese dancer..
Indonesia has so many traditional dance, I can't really distinguish the difference of the clothes one to another. meh.. *rolling eyes*

By the way, BALI is in INDONESIA!!

I'm fucking hate it when people talk about Bali, but don't know it's in Indonesia. True, It's not really my problem or anything. But it irritate me sometimes...
You know, it's like..

example : in chatting
A(Indonesian people) : "Hey, where are u goin' for christmas holiday?"
B(Some foreigner) : "Bali! Isn't it cool?!"
A : "Sure! You'll be visiting my country then. :) "
B : "What? I thought you're from some country named Indonesia somethin'.."

Really people?! and I'm NOT some kind of super duper nationalism person. I really am not (Oh, come on, I can't distinguish the traditional dance -which in my defence, Indonesia really has a hell lots of traditional dance. you get my point anyway, that I'm not a super nationalism person). But it really is bothering me.

Yeah, anyway.. Happy 65th!!

c y'all.xoxo

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