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Quickie update and Nail Art video!!
88 matte, 88 ultra shimmer, 120 palette drooling @...
Nail Art UPDATE! Plaid Nail Art and MORE~
Summer Marine Beading Nail Design :)
2010, August 18
Black & Purple Stripy Nail Design
MORE nail tutorial

Written at Saturday, December 3, 2011 | back to top

I've moved to HERE!!
this blog is officially closed =)

Written at Wednesday, February 9, 2011 | back to top

------update first-------

It's been like 2 months since my last post..well, what to do...I'm graduating this year and so busy with all school and study stuff and looking for college/university stuff. And yes, Im SOOO fed up with all that! but I have to cope with it,right...

Anyway...I haven't been uploading any new nail art tutorial either since last november...usually I have one per month...but I just couldn't bring myself to shoot any new video. And no, I don't have like back up videos whatsoever. And I don't think I can upload any new tutorial for like three months forward :(. That's like I don't have new video for a half year!! damn it! Well, I'll sure try to record at least a video though if I've ever had the time. It's like all tryouts and tests nowadays. Well, not exactly that much though, but I have a life too other than school...and with the overwhelming school stuffs, thus it takes up my time to do a video T.T. Oh, well, another reason is of course because I'm super lazy lor.

enough with my update and now...


 Oh, at least you live under a rock in stone age, I'm sure y'll know exactly what I meant. YES! Brit's upcoming 7th studio album! I'm so aching to buy, hear, listen, cherish it!!
And with the Hold It Against Me music video 9 days to go, I'm sooo excited and all that.

Anyway, FEMME FATALE has been TT worldwide for like 6 days!! super awesome!

Kudos Britney!!

Okay, enough...g2g get some sleep..it's midnight already :) nite nite~

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Quickie update and Nail Art video!!
Written at Monday, December 13, 2010 | back to top

Yes, I realized this blog has been sooo dead! I'm so busy right now with mid-term and everything..huff T.T
But, I will post lotsof posts after the midterm done. maybe next weekend :) Got soo much to blab about..lol

Sigh..so anyway, for now..here's the new nail art tutorial video..I uploaded like last month but too lazy to put it on blog lah..-.-'..zzz (gee~why am I using so much 'lah' in my post..too much reading singaporean blogs..jzz..but I still love 'em though :p)

Kay.nite nite xoxo ^^

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88 matte, 88 ultra shimmer, 120 palette drooling @.@"
Written at Friday, November 12, 2010 | back to top

Hi~ ^^

So, one of the reason I'm blogging right now is because I'm downloading a Hannah Montana episode and waiting for it to finish. So, I thought, "Why don't I just blog to kill time?"..
So, here I am blogging. :) And I've been wanting to post this for a couple days..

Anyway, I know what I've been doing is nail art, oh, and I only have 4 tutorials on youtube, but I've been wanting to make a MAKE-UP tutorial. well, the main is the eyes part.

I just have this teeny tiny problem. don't have ANY make-up tool. Well, powder if that counts, not even a lipgloss. Okay, now you gotta give it up to me for being 15 going to 16 yet doesn't know make-up at all (at least 16 years old girl should have know lip gloss or lip balm). AND I've never really put on make-up by myself, but I'm wanting to learn. Seeing all those make-up tutorials on youtube make me want to make one :)

Since I don't have any make-up tools, it's gonna cost me a dime if I have to buy those individual eyeshadows color, etc. So, I really wanted the 88 matte palette and 88 ultra shimmer palette, because the price is reasonable and I'll have lots of diff colors!!
or the 120 palette. Still confuse which one I want, the 88 matte and shimmer both or just the 120 palette since it already have shimmer, matte, satin, marble eyeshadows. -.-'

88 matte palette

88 ultra shimmer palette. The colors basically the same with th matte one, this one just have shimmer 

120 palette type 2

120 palette type 1


pictures credit to google.com

Oh, and for you who live in Indonesia and wanting this palette too, here's the link. That is the best deal I've found after surfing around google :) xoxo  
P.S. Eerm, I haven't order anything to this seller though, so I can't really tell about the services, packaging and all that stuff. I'll edit this post if I ever buy from that seller :)

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Nail Art UPDATE! Plaid Nail Art and MORE~
Written at Tuesday, November 9, 2010 | back to top

I know it's been way too long since the last time I posted something in this blog, it's because I'm graduating next year and there'll be national exam, and blablabla long story short since I'm in acceleration class, I have to take 2 semester of 12th year lessons in 2-3 months. and it's been driving me a lil'  bit crazy >.<' ~

Anyway, I posted up a new nail tutorial on youtube like a month ago. It's a plaid nail design and I used acrylic paint because I don't have nail polish in those certain colors nor the polishes color that can be mixed to form those colors. Plus, I think it's cheaper and easier. But, make sure to put on a topcoat if you're using acrylic paint!

will edit this post after I come back from a course! edited gonna be late yes, i was late for like 15 minutes~~ *then why the hell I'm blogging right now?! -.-' so typical me, blogging when in a hurry..geez! gotta stop doing this*

This is some of the nail art I did over October..

for this watermelon fimo design, check IHaveACupcake@youtube out!! she's AWESOME~

I've already recorded a tutorial for this one, hope I'll find some times soon to edit it :)
I kinda like the one without the flowery stuffs, because it looks like a beautiful sparkling deep blue ocean, don't you think?

Here also hoping I can update about my nail art haul..XD
Going to Surabaya pretty soon and hoping will find a BIG FAT haul!

Nite nite.XOXO

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Summer Marine Beading Nail Design :)
Written at Monday, September 13, 2010 | back to top

Made the video last week :) Just edited it today..I'm soo lazy lah =.="
anyway..here you go..

I hope you like it.xoxo
Anyway, tommorow I'm gonna bombardered this blog with my ultra nail art haul last month!Guess there will be 2 or 3 posts of haul. I'm sooo excited!!

Night night :)

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2010, August 18
Written at Thursday, August 19, 2010 | back to top

HIT it!!

remember I set a target of 50 viewers? Yup, I HIT it..yay me!

So, for the nail art first video.. it's exactly been a month since I post it by 18 August, and it has 55 views.
I know it's not that a lot either, but this is my first time and I don't know anyone in youtube..

while, my second video, by 18 August, has been about a week and it has 35 views. yay! :)

NEXT, target : 1st vid ---->  100 views
                      2nd vid ---->   50 views

When am I gonna stop targeting? I think when the videos already has over a hundred or two views ;p

c y'all.xoxo

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Written at Tuesday, August 17, 2010 | back to top

Just a quick update to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my beloved country, INDONESIA.

anyway, lookie the google sign today.. :)

Yups, RED and WHITE !! Soo Indonesianism (is that even a word? =.=), google Indonesian flag if u don't get what I'm saying..and.. I think that's a Balinese dancer..
Indonesia has so many traditional dance, I can't really distinguish the difference of the clothes one to another. meh.. *rolling eyes*

By the way, BALI is in INDONESIA!!

I'm fucking hate it when people talk about Bali, but don't know it's in Indonesia. True, It's not really my problem or anything. But it irritate me sometimes...
You know, it's like..

example : in chatting
A(Indonesian people) : "Hey, where are u goin' for christmas holiday?"
B(Some foreigner) : "Bali! Isn't it cool?!"
A : "Sure! You'll be visiting my country then. :) "
B : "What? I thought you're from some country named Indonesia somethin'.."

Really people?! and I'm NOT some kind of super duper nationalism person. I really am not (Oh, come on, I can't distinguish the traditional dance -which in my defence, Indonesia really has a hell lots of traditional dance. you get my point anyway, that I'm not a super nationalism person). But it really is bothering me.

Yeah, anyway.. Happy 65th!!

c y'all.xoxo

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Black & Purple Stripy Nail Design
Written at Thursday, August 12, 2010 | back to top

Yup, I've edited the video! I have to redo it about 3 or 4 times because of some stupidity.. and for God sake, I HATE Windows Live Movie Maker!!
You know, the one that you got from windows 7. It's the stripped version of Windows Movie Maker. It couldn't speed up video, blaahh..I really hate it lah..
Why would they make something worse than they have beforee *rolling eyes*
Anyway, here the video..

Black & Purple Stripy Nail Design

hope you like it :)

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MORE nail tutorial
Written at Tuesday, August 10, 2010 | back to top

I've made another video! Fine lah, I made it last week, but I haven't edit it until now..too lazy lah... =.="

Btw, I like this design better than the one before!
Here it is

pretty, right?RIGHT?! just say yes and make me happy.. *puppy eyes*
I'm editing the video now..

see ya.xoxo


My first nail tutorial video is DONE!!
Written at Monday, July 19, 2010 | back to top

Hi, Guys!! I'm super uber excited right now!
The video I told you I was working on is done!!
Hooray! I really really hope you like it...

The thing I don't like about this whole uploading video thing is the video thumbnail!!
If you're not in partership or whatsoever with youtube, you can't really choose your video thumbnail. sigh! :(

I kinda set a target. So, My first target will be 50 VIEWERS!!
*cross my finger*

I already have a though for my next 3 videos *gee~I'm soo greedy, this one haven't had many viewers and I already want to make the next ones*
Anyway, 2 of the next video will be nail tutorial, one of them using this particular nail product that kinda interesting *cough* secret *cough*. haha.. And the last one will be a video about my nail supply haul in Hong Kong! It's super cheap!

Talking about Hong Kong, I'll post about my last holiday in the next couples of post! I haven't even transfer the photos from camera to my desktop yet.. =.= 

Anyway, this is the video...the title kinda cheesy 'coz I couldn't think of a name for this nail design, so you can tell me a better name :)
Here it is...

Cross Purple Gradient Nail Design!

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Written at Saturday, July 17, 2010 | back to top

Okay, so I know it's been like 2 months since my last post. OH MY GOD, 2 MONTHS!!
BUT! Yesterday I just recorded a nail tutorial. Yea, FINALLY!! I'm editing it right now and I'll post it on youtube as soon as possible. 
YAY!! Oooh, I'm sooo Excited about it XD

Here, here, here is my nail I'm doing for tutorial...

Hope you'll like it! XOXO


Kinder Joy : an Egg with a SURPRISE! :)
Written at Saturday, May 29, 2010 | back to top

Who doesn't love surprise? that come with chocolate ball in milk cream!

So, my mom bought me this snack. It's new in my city.
I think they originally from Italy, but in mine it's written 'produced in South African' .
and they are really really yum!

that's the egg


I'm sorry for the blurry thingy :(


the spoon :)

Here's the surprise. a TOY!
Okay, it's kinda a kid toy, just give it to your lil' sibling




This is the BEST part!
inside the ball is hazelnut chocolate
and the crisp cover is kinda taste like Milo choco bar
and better, it dipped in the soft, smooth, milk chocolate cream :)

go buy some of 'em! x.o.

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EunHae is REAL. lol
Written at Saturday, May 15, 2010 | back to top

or so I hope :)
what I used to hear was KiHae , but EunHae isn't bad either :p
Have you seen today's TT? It's EUNHAE!! WooHooo o^w^o

P.S. TT #Bonamana last for like 3 days! 
P.S.S. Where are you KiBum oppa? Eunhyuk is in the middle of his super evil plan to steal Donghae from you! *What the hell am I mumbling about -___-"??!!*

And I found this uber cute couple pic :)

credit : donghae861015@twitter.com
(Yup, Donghae himself who upload this pic XD he's so funny)

Ooohh..Eunhyuk oppa..just kiss him already!! ^^

P.S.S.S I'm in a serious brain error right now, I know. What to do, I havent finish my biology presentation yet!

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Soshi hanbok Batch
Written at Wednesday, May 12, 2010 | back to top


I did stay up all night yesterday and I did want to blog, but my stupid internet connection just disconnect itself and I’m so not gonna fix it in the middle of the night. And guess what? I haven’t finished my biology presentation yet after struggling with it over hours (and now I’m blogging instead)!! Guess I’ll stay awake till morning again today..grrr! >:(

Btw, I want to show you my old ‘artwork’. I made it on April last year. Really old, huh?! Yea, it’s been like years since the last time I played photoshop. And all my already-limited-skills have lost..gee~

DISCLAIMER : I’m really really incredibly sorry that I can’t give a proper credit for the original pics, coz I got it from my friend. Also for the brushes, texture, and font ‘coz I have truckloads of ‘em and don’t remember who made it. But it’s all from deviantart.com and the font probably from dafont.com. And just tell me if you know the creator specifically, I’ll give a more proper credit :)











P.S. I wanted to give it the usual watermark I give for pics in this blog, but it make it doesn’t seem right and super weird, so I decided to just give it those ‘lie2cious.blogspot.com’ text :p
Hope u like it.xo.